Dave Caygill

Headshot of David Caygill
David is a sustainability consultant and Global Executive Strategy Director at Iris Worldwide. His role is shaping long term futures for brands, specialising in creating sustainability strategies which deliver for people, planet and profit. As a futurist he identifies trends and emerging customer needs to create propositions and change strategies. As a qualified Design Thinker and facilitator, he's comfortable leading everyone from c-suite to the front-line through the innovation adventure. As a graduate of the Cambridge University Institute for Sustainable Leadership he’s able to advise on the knotty environmental and sustainability questions brands face today. Recent work includes a Silver Lion at Cannes for electric racing series, Formula E's race innovation 'Attack mode' and developing the UK National Lottery’s most successful new game driving close to £300m incremental revenue in the first year and contributing to the £50m per week generated for good causes. David started the Sustainable Business Guide to support SME businesses who seemed to be underserved by the sustainability industry yet are some of the organisations most in need of help transitioning to a low carbon and sustainable business model.

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