What does nature positive mean for business?

Sometimes we take incredibly important things for granted. If we’ve always had something, how can we really deeply appreciate its value?  Nature, in...

Six steps to get internal buy-in to your sustainability strategy

Communicating your sustainability strategy provides you with the chance to engage and give meaning to all of your stakeholders, it helps build relationships and differentiate you as a company. Let’s face it, who is going to read the sustainability strategy if you don’t draw your audience towards it, make it easy to understand and ensure that it is relevant?

Getting external stakeholders on board with your sustainability journey

A sustainability strategy should not only identify and tackle the issues that matter the most to the company, but also those that matter to the stakeholders.

How can SMEs operationalise sustainability through their supply chain?   

For businesses of any size, working with suppliers is crucial to operationalising sustainability and delivering on your strategy. This means scrutinising your supply chain...

Scope 1 and 2 emissions – where to start as a small business

Every single second, of every single day, your business activities will most likely be creating or using something that has created a gas which...

The Palm Oil Consumer Dilemma: Boycott or Buy?

Palm oil has been linked to the destruction of the tropical forests in Malaysia and Indonesia for many years and has received more media attention than any other crop, sparking outcries and calls for boycotts. As consumers we are called to act, exert our buying power and challenge the practices of brands and supermarket chains. Is it as simple as boycotting the products that contain any trace of palm oil? Or should we….?

How is UK government supporting SMEs in reducing their emissions? We speak to the team at UK SME CLIMATE HUB

No business is too small to play its role in the collective effort to reach net zero. Most SMES want to be more sustainable but are unsure where to start.How is government engaging with and supporting SMEs in the combat to reduce their emissions?

How to kick start the sustainability conversation in your team? Introducing “Couch to Carbon Zero”

Kick-start the sustainability conversation in your business today for an inspired, proud, climate smart workforce. How? Aimee Higgins shares how @couch to zero is supporting businesses to take climate action through an engaging and fun 10 day sprint, designed for busy people. In Aimee’s words, “nothing solves climate anxiety like ACTION!”

What works best to encourage sustainable diets?

The adoption of environmentally sustainable diets will have a hugely positive impact on the global food system. If you are a food service provider or a retailer you can influence people’s choices by using design features and messages in your store or restaurant. Of the different types of interventions available to influence people’s diets towards the mitigation of climate change, descriptive messages seem to be effective in changing behaviours, they are low-cost and easily scalable.

What are the six key sustainability focus areas for hospitality SMEs?

Sustainable practices are often chosen and evaluated on their direct impact on the operations and efficiency of a business. In the hospitality sector, like all sectors, for their success, it’s crucial to have processes, controls and well-informed management teams to guide the business focus and strategy. This article explores the six key areas of focus for hospitality SMEs to concentrate their attention on.
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