Keeping the momentum: How to use internal communications for a fruitful sustainability strategy

After empowering colleagues to buy into your sustainability strategy and integrating sustainability into your operating model you need to start sharing and reviewing your sustainability strategy. This is where communication is key to create engagement.

How to integrate sustainability into your operating model: some tools and processes to get you started

What are the internal processes you need to implement your sustainability strategy internally? Once your team are engaged how can you integrate your sustainability ambitions into your operating model? Here are some practical tips to get started.

How to get your workforce on board with your sustainability strategy

A sustainability strategy alone is not enough to make you a sustainable business. How do you implement a sustainability strategy internally? Well a good strategy starts first with people. This article is part of a mini series exploring how you can implement your sustainability strategy internally.

How to build resilience in hospitality during the Covid-19 pandemic’? Part 4

Good to see you back here!  In the last articles in the series we have introduced the six resilience dimensions applied to the hospitality sector....

Don’t waste your food waste

One third of all food produced goes to waste. It is imperative to look for solutions to reduce, reuse and upcycle food surplus. Food production, food retail and food service companies, big and small, have started taking action to extract value from the food they produce and handle – Are you? Don’t waste your food waste!

SMEs are critical to creating a sustainable future

A lot has been said about global brand’s successes (and failures) in sustainability. However, we hear a lot less about the small and...

Technology and organisational resilience in hospitality – Part 3

In this article, we are covering the next two dimensions in our series on hospitality resilience: technology and organisational resilience. Technology resilience: “serve guests better,...

Financial and operational resilience in hospitality – Part 2

Welcome back! Last week we covered a short introduction to the six resilience dimensions in the hospitality business. In this week’s article, we are...

How to build resilience in hospitality during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the hospitality industry, which is one of the most visibly hard-hit segments of the economy. At the same...

How to create an engaging sustainability policy

Why does our business need a sustainability policy? Your sustainability policy is an opportunity for you to share with your stakeholders what actions you are...
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