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The surprising carbon footprint of the internet

It is estimated that the carbon footprint of our gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions

Shein Too Deep: Can the fast fashion retailer really change?

The fashion industry is littered with environmentally sustainable brands committed to working towards a greener future. The likes of Patagonia and Reformation have been...

B-Corp AlmaNatura: “Small people in small out-of-the-way places can change the world”

AlmaNatura is the first Spanish B Corp (2013), the third in Europe, and currently has a higher score than Patagonia (153.8 points). AlmaNatura was...

How Brands Can Avoid Greenwashing and Tell Their Sustainability Stories

Walking the line between greenwashing and conspicuous silence can be tricky for brands, but there are a few simple insights to help them get sustainability messaging right, writes Dave Caygill, founder of the Sustainable Business Guide and executive director of future strategy at Iris.

A circular business: Furniture and construction materials with recycled plastic

We speak to Dermot Walch, co-founder of Kedel Ltd, a family-owned small company located in the North of England. The company was created in...

Reinventing fashion: how brands are embracing circular models and evolving into service-led businesses

We had the pleasure to chat with Bryony Jansen-Van Tuyll, Co-founder of Good Brand Guru – a platform that fosters collaboration between fashion professionals,...

Is B Corp certification right for your business?

The number of for-profit companies registering to become B Corporations (B Corps) is increasing on a weekly basis. But is this just yet another reporting or marketing tool in the sustainability toolkit or are there wider evidence-based benefits for SMEs? This article discusses the B Lab movement, its impact Assessment tool and B Corp certification. It then explores the reasons why one SME decided to become a B Corp and sets out the process and lessons learned so far.

“My motto is to make the hospitality business a force for good.”

We speak to Maribel Esparcia Pérez, co-founder of the European Sustainable Hospitality Club. What motivated you to start a career in sustainable hospitality?  I have a...

Can a wedding venue reach net zero? Hayne House is determined to lead the way

To kick off our case study series we asked one of our contributors to share some insights into how she is leading her business,...
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