Fleur Record Smith

Fleur is the founder of Hayne House, an events venue based in Kent that is passionate about sustainability and driven by Fleur’s determination to bring change to a very wasteful industry. Straight out of business school Fleur pursued an entrepreneurial path gaining experience as a business owner initially in commercial property then in the events industry where she has put in practice her ability to lead, problem solve and implement strategy and processes. She has first-hand experience of the challenges that small businesses face as they transition to a sustainable operating model and wants to put her experience to use by sharing practical resources and tools. Currently undergoing B-Corp certification, graduate of Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership and ambassador for the Sustainable Wedding Alliance, Fleur is keen to include small businesses in the sustainability conversation and is invested in her industry and beyond to encourage other businesses to take action. She has recently taken part in campaigns with the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy and United Nations Global Compact aimed at raising awareness amongst SMEs, and is working on the ground with the Federation of Small Businesses by holding events to support small businesses locally to face these challenges.

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