Andrea Cattaruzza

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Andrea is a food science consultant with extensive experience as a professional in the food industry. He has spent all his career at Mars Chocolate, in several roles in the Research & Development and Purchasing departments. As R&D executive he contributed to shape the research agenda of the company with global reach and a substantial track record of deliveries, such as the design of a health & wellbeing strategy for the chocolate category. As director and founder of AndCat Ltd, Andrea applies open innovation, intellectual property management, technology road-mapping, market intelligence, business acumen and his multinational network to the development of concrete and viable business plans. Andrea is subject matter expert in food and food ingredients, diet, and health. He recently obtained a certificate of Business Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge and aims to apply the learnings in helping food companies to shape their sustainability strategy. As independent scientific advisor, Andrea participates to the assessment of UK and European project proposals in their yearly funding calls. Andrea is also interested in the hospitality sector, as his family runs an hotel in the Adriatic coast in Italy ( and aims to embed sustainability thinking in the family business.

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